Compass E2E Digital Pantograph
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Find your true north with the Compass pantograph! You'll be able to set this one up several ways for added versatility.

Upon completing your purchase, an email containing your download will be sent immediately. Please note: WE DO NOT SELL ANY PAPER PANTOGRAPHS. You will get the following file formats in your zipped folder:

.bqm, .dxf, .hqf, .pat, .plt, .qcc, .qli, .ssd, .iqp, .txt, .wmf


Here are a few notes on how to set up the pantograph as shown in the sample:

Quilting Details:
Row height: 4"
Gap: 0"
Pattern height: 4"
Offset: 50%
Backtracking: some

You have options with this one! Recommended scale between 4-7" for the row height. You could offset every other row, or not. You could use a gap between the rows (like in the graphic image at -0.50"), or not. 

We'd love to see how you use this in your quilting! Use #compasspanto on social media to share a photo! Tag the @longarmleague if you're on Instagram, we'd love to cheer you on, whatever you're creating!